WStair-CopyWhile you will find several of what you may class as traditional foods throughout the many restaurants in Ireland, you are also going to find on the menu a great selection of foods that you may not be familiar with. However, don’t let this to deter you from trying them as you are in for a wonderful experience.

You are most likely familiar with Irish Stew which you can get in almost any other country but most often it comes in a can. A true Irish Stew is going to be a far cry from this. It is basically made with lamb or mutton with an addition of vegetables such as carrots, onions, and potatoes.

If in your homeland you have resorted to using margarine and have avoided butter, give yourself a treat and make sure that you use a butter with some of your meals while visiting here. You will probably get the chance to experience the taste of the Kerry Gold Irish butter which is second to none. Another food offering in Ireland is the brown bread. You will certainly find it different to that which you have become used to from your local grocery store.

For potato lovers don’t pass up the colcannon and champ. Ireland is well known for its potato industry and when you have tried at least one or two of the many different dishes made from these potatoes you will understand why. Colcannon is comprised of mashed potatoes or perhaps cabbage or Kale that has had butter and cream added to it, and then in addition some beautifully harvested spring onions are added to the mix.

Staying within the potato choices there is also boxty. These are sometimes referred to as potato dumplings or potato pancakes, or potato bread. It is a mixture of raw potatoes that has been grated, and added to this are mashed potatoes and then some other components such as flour and salt perhaps. These are then fried in butter. These are your classic dumplings.