from-ireland-to-spain-20-fabulous-castles-to-visit-13While there is much to see and do in Ireland, it is on the top of the list for most visitors to at least see one of the castles that are located here. The big challenge comes when choosing which one it is going to be. It doesn’t seem to matter what the age or gender is of the visitor, visiting a castle creates an aura of excitement and intrigue.

Of course when visiting any castle one automatically thinks of the medieval feasts that took place here many years back. One of the most famous castles in Ireland in the southern region is the Blarney Castle. Those that are into Irish folklore may have heard of the Blarney Stone. Here is where you are going to get the chance to see it.

Getting to the Blarney Stone is going to be a bit of a challenge as you have 10 flights of stairs that you will have to climb. Then it can be a little nerve-racking once you do get to the top, as you will have to lie backwards and get yourself into a most intriguing position to kiss the Blarney Stone. Have no fears of doing this as a castle worker will support your legs while you do so. While this is the main intrigue of the Blarney Castle it should not be forgotten that there are 60+ acres of absolutely amazing floral gardens surrounding the castle.

If you’re looking for another castle that is every bit as intriguing then the Bunratty Castle might be a good choice. Even the location of this castle is most exciting as it sits on a Viking trading camp that goes way back to 970 A.D.

Imagine walking the same grounds as the Vikings. The castle that you can see in this day of age is a replacement castle as the original castle plus the two that followed it eventually ended up being destroyed through various battles.