Wednesday 10 February 2016

Changing Spaces


Lee Valley Regional Park Authority announces dates of new exhibition of artwork by Waltham Forest Artist Jonathan O’Dea for the Cultural Olympiad in 2012.

Jonathon O’Dea’s exhibition, entitled Changing Spaces takes place from 16th June until 8th July in Waterworks Nature Reserve, Lammas Road, E10 N7Nu

At the beginning of 2012 artist Jonathan O’Dea began work on a unique visual arts project called ‘Changing Spaces’.Jonathan’s techniques and approach to art has been described as: ‘bringing together new ways of working to produce some of the most interesting and engaging art you will find in London and beyond’. This is reflected in a number of successful solo exhibitions and groups shows in Britain, Ireland and China over the past three years in particular. His work also gained attention at the European level and he was invited to show his work at the 12 Star Gallery at the European Commission, in 2011.

For his new project ‘Changing Spaces’, Jonathan will produce a series of ten 3-dimensional abstract works that interact with the changing environment around the Olympic Park and its inherent connectedness to the wider context of the 26 mile long, 10,000 acre Lee Valley Regional Park. Using recycled building materials and found objects from both of these Parks Jonathan will present a number of wall-mounted sculptures that explore regeneration and the natural and industrial history of the area. One of the centrepieces of the project will be a 3 metre high sculpture constructed onsite from a felled tree provided by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority. This imposing and long term sculptural work will be located beside one of the main public footpaths leading from Waltham Forest to the nearby Olympic Park.

Jonathan’s aim is to produce art that is abstract but easily accessible: “I want people to be curious about the materials and how the artwork is constructed and to link this curiosity with the physical techniques and methods used in the regeneration of brownfield sites like the Olympic Park and the revitalising of Lee Valley Regional Park. This interest is partly fuelled by working on construction sites and also by fascination in the visual impact of turning something old into something new.”

The exhibition will be part of Lee Valley Regional Park’s programme in the lead up to the Olympic Games and part of its cultural legacy. Other London Boroughs are also requesting to host the exhibition and a tour of the work enabling part of the cultural legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games further afield is also planned.

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