Saturday 13 February 2016

Connect Ireland


Connect Ireland have introduced a  new innovative incentivised global referral programme. An Irish Government initiative, Succeed in Ireland, will offer a minimum financial reward of €1,500 per job up to a maximum of 100 jobs to people who can host introductions to overseas companies looking to expand internationally and which subsequently invest and create new sustainable jobs in Ireland.

ConnectIreland is implementing a unique global referral programme asking individuals to make contact with family, friends and business connections, to identify and make introductions between ConnectIreland and overseas companies considering international expansion. Connectors who host these introductions will subsequently be eligible for a reward based on the number of jobs created.

Ireland is the first country in the world to offer an incentivised global referral programme to boost efforts to attract foreign direct investment. Open to all nationalities, ConnectIreland is already attracting considerable interest from both Ireland’s Diaspora and potential investors all over the world including Australia, Asia, US, Canada and Brazil among others.

Since launching in March 2012 over 300 companies have been suggested to ConnectIreland from Connectors all over the world. ConnectIreland’s team of inward investment specialists are currently in active discussions with approximately 150 of these companies with decisions expected on 15 of these potential investments in the very near future.

How can you help?

Introduce ConnectIreland to overseas companies expanding internationally and be part of Ireland’s economic recovery.

IDA Ireland has appointed ConnectIreland to deliver the Succeed in Ireland initiative as part of the Irish Government’s Action Plan for Jobs 2012 which aims to create a minimum of 5,000 new jobs over five years.

For further information on Succeed in Ireland or to register your support call (+44) 207 573 2373 or register at



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