irelandfans_kids1While many visitors to Ireland are couples or single, there are also many family vacationers. This means that during the children’s stay here the family wants to make it a memorable event. There is no problem doing this as Ireland, and specifically Dublin has a lot to offer for child visitors. This is a city where a family can spend just a few hours or a whole day depending on their choice.

Children are no doubt going to want to learn more about the medieval life that Ireland is so famous for. To be able to do so then Dublinia is sure to intrigue them. The children will get to see a re-enactment of what a plague cart looks like while it is carrying the dead that have been stricken with the ancient plagues. Then there is a slave market were one can fantasize about selling the little ones to this market. For the criminals that have been put in the stocks the kids will get a chance to pelt them with simulated rotten apples. There is no doubt that this event is most stimulating and exciting, and at the same time is educational as to the history of Ireland in regards to its old days.

A trip on the sightseeing bus is sure to bring some laughter and excitement to the children. They will not only get to see some of the sights of Dublin but get the opportunity to ride in this most intriguing form of transportation.

Children that are into sports might enjoy visiting some of the Gaelic games that are continuously taking place there and will certainly make your time most enjoyable. Almost all children are interested in trains and railways and to meet their needs in this area then seeing the Fry Model railway is certain to not only please the kids but adults as well.