Irish landscape

It wouldn’t be fair to take a visit to Ireland and not know at least some of the basics about the folklore of this country. Having a better understanding of the people here and their culture will allow you to fit in quite nicely with the residents.

Of course Ireland is known for its wonderful brews which includes Guinness and Harp Lager. So when visiting one of the delightful pubs here make sure that you fit in with the crowd by ordering one these.

When it comes to the symbols of Ireland the most well-known is the green shamrock as well as the Celtic Cross and the Harp. When it comes to religion you are going to find that the country is predominantly Roman Catholic. They also have been known to be a country with one of the highest church attendances. The ancestral language here is known as the Irish Gaelic.

Most visitors to a new country are always concerned about the type of wildlife that may be found here. For those that don’t care for snakes they are going to be very comfortable, as Ireland is snake free.

If you are one that is really into historical sight seeing then you are going to want to see some of the oldest places that Ireland is most proud of. When it comes to pubs you will actually get to visit one that has been in existence since 900 years ago. This is Sean’s bar in Athlone.

If you’re looking at accommodation that has history all over it, then this would be the Woodenbridge Hotel, that came into existence in 1608. You are no doubt going to take a great interest in the castles in Ireland and if you want to look at one of the oldest that is still inhabited then it would be the Kilbrittain Castle, County York.