promo_bedroom_dse_heart_picsOf course when taking a trip to such a wonderful country as the island of Ireland you are going to want to make the most of every moment. There is no doubt that you are going to need some rest time and you will need to have suitable accommodations. The exciting part about this country is that you are going to have plenty to choose from that may be out of the norm. Of course you can choose the standard mode of accommodations such as the many prestigious hotels that can be found here, but you could go a step further and perhaps book accommodation in a lighthouse or even perhaps stay in one of the medieval castles.

If you’re going to stay with the traditional accommodation which is your hotels then you are going to have a choices between those that are rated from one to five stars. When you are looking at this category it can actually take you in to the medieval theme where you would be staying in very prestigious castles, or perhaps a country club which would really expand your accommodation adventure.

If you are really looking for budget accommodations then you are going to drop down from the five star ratings to the three star and below. In average the three star hotels are geared for the small family, but are still quality hotels that provide a great family atmosphere and some excellent restaurant choices. Besides the hotel scene you can go in to the guesthouse classifications which again are categorized according to star ratings between four and one.

You can also go to Northern Ireland and take advantage of some of the accommodation options that are classed as self catering. Basically what you will get here is a comfortable room with some standard amenities, along with a kitchen to cook in and the ability to do your own laundry services. You can also rent temporary town home accommodation throughout different parts of Ireland and there are plenty of bed & breakfasts to choose from.