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Welcome to GP Plastering, where we specialize in Airless Spray Plastering Services.

Our Airless spray plaster system has emerged as the preferred application method in the plastering industry. Main contractors increasingly favor this innovative approach over traditional plastering. The system significantly reduces on-site labor, with one operative capable of spraying up to 500 square meters per day. The pre-mixed material eliminates the need for water and manual mixing, resulting in a dust-free environment.

Our system minimizes waste, as any plaster removed during the process is efficiently recycled through the machine, yielding only 1% waste. Power sanding of the walls ensures a consistent finish without visible scarring or patching. Unlike traditional plastering, you can start and stop the process at any time. The product's white color imparts a finished appearance, achieving a level 5 finish.

Compared to traditional skimming, our Airless spray plastering process is three times faster. The versatility of our product allows it to be applied to various backgrounds, including plasterboard, previously plastered surfaces, Artex, and precast concrete. Experience the efficiency and superior results of our Airless Spray Plastering Services at GP Plastering.

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