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OmniCom stands as a beacon of trust and expertise in the realm of IT services and support, catering to the nuanced technological needs of both educational institutions and businesses. Our unique approach combines the proficiency expected from a global entity with the personalized touch and attentiveness of a family-run business, ensuring every interaction is both professional and intimate.

As an accredited powerhouse in IT and Telecoms Solutions, OmniCom Solutions pledges to maintain and enhance the IT performance and productivity of our clientele across the North East. Our commitment goes beyond mere service provision; we forge partnerships with schools and businesses alike to understand and address their unique IT challenges.

Our team, dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, routinely evaluates the latest advancements in the market, ensuring that the solutions we offer are not just cutting-edge but also tailor-fitted to the specific demands of your operations. This commitment to bespoke service is supported by our expert support team, whose mission is to provide unwavering assistance and guidance.

At OmniCom, we take pride in our accreditations, which are endorsements from some of the biggest names in the IT industry. These affiliations reflect our adherence to the highest standards of service quality and our ability to align with global technological leaders.

Every business has its unique fingerprint, and at OmniCom, we recognize the importance of creating IT services that are not just effective but specifically built for the individual needs of your business. Our solutions are designed to be as dynamic and adaptable as the businesses we serve.

We invite you to begin a conversation with us, to explore the potential and elevate the capabilities of your IT infrastructure. Reach out to us today at 0191 386 6222 and take the first step towards a strategic partnership that will redefine the efficiency and productivity of your IT operations with OmniCom.

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